Today’s Productivity Tip: Organize Your Projects

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Today’s tip: Organize your projects by keeping project pages

Try This:

Get organized at work or at home by creating a project page for the major tasks on your to-do list.

Use my my 7-Step Easy Project Plan:
  1. Start a Project Page: a clean sheet of paper in your planner or notebook
  2. Title your page with name of client, project name, start date and deadline
  3. List all of the tasks needed to complete this project (include all small steps and details, including research and phone calls)
  4. Assign due dates for each task
  5. Transfer tasks from your project page into your Daily To-Do List and prioritize appropriately
  6. Check-off completed tasks on your Project Page at day’s end
  7. When finished, file your completed Project Page along with your drafts and project notes for safe record-keeping

Here’s Why:

Even the most organized people can benefit from having a system for tracking their progress. A project page is a valuable resource for reminding you where you left off each day, and it helps you manage multiple projects at one time.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s Productivity Tip: Organize Your Projects

  1. Great tips…I was already doing this, but not in quite as organized a manner as you described so now I shall refine mine into a “system”!

    Once again…great tips.

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